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Sue & Esther’s

Sue & Esther’s is an American- based tea room. People may be more familiar with an English or Victorian tea room with thoughts of parlors and fussy doilies, ribbons and bows.  The American tea room comes more from a time when folks were just becoming more mobile with horse and buggy and would take longer trips to visit family and friends. Along the way, families would open up their homes and hearts, giving visitors hot tea or coffee and scones to sustain them until they reached either the next home or their destination.

We’ve tried to create that same atmosphere at Sue & Esther’s – warm and inviting with good food, good friends and good conversation.  We’ll take our visitors back to a time when time wasn’t short and days weren’t overly long with work.  There’s nothing more calming than sharing a pot of tea with the special people in our life. It has a way of stopping time and making the world right again.

What everyone wants to know . . .

Since beginning this journey, we’ve been asked the same question over and over . . . where does the name Sue & Esther’s come from? There’s a story behind everything and this name is no different.  My first visit to a tea room was in Georgia.  My sisters, mother and I were there celebrating a milestone birthday and we had an unforgettable time; so much so that I wanted to re-create the experience in my own town. I knew before I left the tea room in Georgia that I would some day open my own.

 Although the plan for the tea room came together rather easily, the name did not. We came up with everything from “Tea Time,” which is a wonderful  tea magazine, to “Tea for Two.”  I was offered a variety of suggestions, but nothing felt right. I continued to focus on the plan, hoping an acceptable name would eventually surface.  It was a short time later when the name simply appeared – as if it was always meant to be. It was very early morning – the time between sleep and wake. I saw my grandmother, Esther, who I loved to bake with as a child, standing in my mother-in-law Sue’s dining room.  She had on her apron, full of white flour from baking, and she was smiling. It took me a while to determine why she kept looking up at the ceiling until I noticed the tea cups lining the tiny shelf around the dining room. Sue collected beautiful china tea cups from the various places she had visited. As I started to awake, my mother Sue entered my dream, bringing it all together and providing some clarity. I awoke with the name Sue & Esther on my mind. I can’t think of three women who have influenced my life more!

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